Speed up your Blog!

December 2, 2008 in Blog Tools by Diane

You Know When You have Information Overload When...

In a time where we live on information overload and with the changes that Google has brought forward about slow websites, it is becoming increasingly important for bloggers to check their site loading time, especially anyone making an income from their blogs.

While it may seem obvious what having a site load slowly can create here are a few obvious reasons to read about site loading time:

1.  When your site loads to slowly, your readers will get frustrated.  Frustrated readers will not stick around very long and in fact will just move on to a faster loading blog to get their information.

2. Do you want people to link to you?  The reality in todays world is that people need and want to link to sites that are reliable and that are fast.  If your site does not load fast, people will say thanks but no thanks to linking with you!

3. How many of you want to advertise on your blog? Here is a fact for you, advertisers need to know that they are getting their money’s worth.  If you site loads slow, why would they want to place anything with you, nevermind advertising?

Maybe the most important point about having a slow loading site is this.. Google is looking how fast your site is loading and will penalize you if your site goes down too often or if your blog loads too slowly and it is not unheard of for Google to have you removed from their search index ( one heck of a penalty!)

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