Affiliate & Other Blog Monetizing Resources

In the last two sections of the Monetizing Resources, you were shown Advertising Networks and how to get paid with the Pay Per Post Resources.

In this final section, we are going to show you resources for affiliating as well as some other methods to monetize your blog.

There are many businesses that offer affiliate programs to help spread the word about their products and  services… everything from books, art, DVDs, laptops to digital products, health products, food and even pet supplies.

The key to choosing any affiliate program or product is to think about your core niche and to think about your readers. Obviously you are wanting people to buy a product, but it should never be at the expense of your credibility.  Therefore talk about what you know, emphasize the good the bad and the ugly about any product you are going to showcase.  At the end of the day, your readers will not only thank you, but they will see you as someone to trust.

One last piece of advise, although it might be tempting to join every affiliate program out there, DON’T .  As with any of the resources that we have talked about do your research, ask questions and if something does not feel good, or is too good to be true…walk away as fast as you can.

While this list is far from complete, These affiliate networks will give you a good start to looking for affiliate products that you can use within your given niche.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate networks in the United States, but also has a presence in Europe and Japan.  finding as well as joining an appropriate program is easy and CJ also makes it easy for affiliates by consolidating all payouts into one check.


If there is anyone who does not know clickbank, it is a very large and old affiliate network that caters more to digitial downloads, ebooks and some software. The quality of the products you find will vary from the extreme of being very good to very cheap and terrible.  It is still a popular place to search for overlooked niches, so keep an open mind when you go there.


LinkShare is one of the biggest and oldest networks in the United States, founded in 1996, and accessible via and (for business to business affiliate programs).  With more than 600 merchants in its network, you will find some pretty big name companies such as Disney, Target, Nordstrom Dell and many others.


Pepperjam is a U.S Internet marketing agency which offers datafeeds and a chat facility for merchants and affiliates.  Many people are saying that this is an efficient and practical affiliate network platform


ShareASale has been recommended by many affiliates because  of its honesty and transparency. It is a large netwoork with plenty of programs to search through with  more than 700 merchants.


marketHealth is a health and Beauty affiliate network with more than 100 offers including herbal supplements, vitamins, beauty products weight loss etc.

If after looking through all these resources and you still need some ideas for monetizing your blog, then here are some more ideas -

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