Twitter Art or the Art of Re-Tweeting

January 24, 2011 in Blog Thoughts, Blog tips by Diane

Twitter Art, what an amazing concept and yet it is being done by quite a few people.  My personal favorites are from @tw1tt3rart/ Mr. Mathew Haggart and here are just a few examples:

they are so cool and yet what do they have to do with retweeting or as I would say The Art of Retweeting?
To be honest very little and yet when retweeting, maybe we all should be looking at this from the point of view of an artist.
I noticed it today while watching the twitter stream, so many people ( and yes that included me) RT’ing everything that they thought interesting. On many communities, there is a handy “Tweet” button and you click on it a box opens and there it is a Retweet all ready for you.  You click on it and like magic it appears in your twitter stream. You give a sigh of relief that it worked then go on to the next thing you are reading.  This action is repeated by thousands of people every single day.
So…what is wrong with that?
Lets face it there are so many benefits to Re-Tweeting or RT’s:
  • -You can slowly build contacts, especially those who are interested in what you like
  • Its a great way to do passive marketing of YOU by helping others and increase visibility
So what is the problem?
To me it is simple. If you think of Twitter as a microblog then you need to think in terms of originality. Copying of a tweet and retweeting is not very original!
Add to that,While the idea of the RT is simple, there is a huge issue to my way of thinking and that is too many Rt’s are messy, they are confusing and after a while they grow so long that what ever it was you were wanting to pass on gets lost in the Rt’s.
There is one last but very important point and that is… can you guess? right = the limitation of the 140 characters which can up to I believe 12 characters or more when you retweet.   Does this make sense?
O.K. I believe I have made my point ( I hope), so what can a person do?
Here are are some ideas for you to think about when you want to retweet:
  • Remove the extra or duplicate words and hashtags from your post
  • Move the RT @ Username to the END of the post
  • Never ever modify the short link by the original user and check the link before you do any post.
  • Think in terms of others wanting to retweet you post, therefore set you post limit to 120 Characters.  Smart thinking if you want people to retweet you.
  • This may sound a bit silly, but take the time to look at your post before you actually retweet it.  It takes just a few seconds and will save you from embarrassement.
  • I know everyone wants to use hashtags (#), but don’t over do it. Use hashtags to really point out the important keywords
  • It does not matter what you are retweeting, add value to the tweet by adding your take, your thoughts, your opinion on the tweet in question.
  • Always say thank you to the person who has taken the time to retweet you.
Is there anything else?
there is one last point to make…Use the RT to identify the original poster.  Use “via” when you want to let others know that you found a post from someone else.
Considering the amount of blog tools that can help you with your tweeting or re-tweeting, it is a little hard to say..pick this one or pick that one.
I will say that HootSuite and TweetDeck are very very good applications and ones that may be of interest to you.
Like any software though, you should be aware ( at least to myknowledge) that any of the Desktop software add the “RT@username” at the beginning of a post, but that is easy to change.
I think that is it for the day….oh, there is a fellow Khaled over at KHALED’S BLOG who has gathered quite a collection of twitter applications that you might be interested in…it really is quite an incredible list and you may find twitter tools there that you never thought of using before.